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Gebr. Friedrich: How we became what we are

Gebr. Friedrich Geschichte

In 1931 Charlotte Friedrich, daughter of Wilhelm and his wife Magda Friedrich, joins the company. In the second generation, she and her husband Willi Herm lead the shipyard through difficult times. At the end of the Second World War, they rebuilt and expanded the company. In 1955, two large slipways and a bridge are built for the increasingly flourishing shipyard. At the same time, Gebr. Friedrich Schiffswerft purchases 5,000 square metres of neighbouring land in order to expand.

Since 1959, the German Navy has also been one of our clients.

In 1962, the third generation took over the helm. With Irmgard Herm, the daughter of Willi and Charlotte Herm, there is another woman at the head of the shipyard. From 1966 she managed the company together with her husband Klaus Birr. In addition to ship repairs and conversions, the range of tasks of Gebr. Friedrich Schiffswerft now also includes mechanical engineering, locksmithery, carpentry, forging and ship electrics. In 1968 the company premises therefore had to be expanded again.

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