Sustainable fishing - with the rolling net


maritime Lösungen nachhaltiger Fischen

The coastal fishermen are in a dilemma. On the one hand, the yields fall because the oceans are overfished and on the other hand, energy prices have been rising for years. A sea trip with the cutter is therefore worth less and less. "Time to change" said the University of Applied Science in Kiel and had an idea. Gebr. Friedrich shipyard was asked for assistance for the implementation. Together, a special trolley for the trawls is being built. As a result, the trawls run gently over the ground and are not pulled over the seabed with heavy scissor boards as usual. The consequence: the unloved bycatch is reduced, as well as flora and fauna on the seabed are not unnecessarily affected. This is a great success for the environment, but also for the fishermen, because the new technology also means that their fuel costs are falling.


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