Five-ton rotor on cruise


Mobile Werft Rotor auf Kreuzfahrt

How to get a five-ton rotor of a shaft generator on AIDACara and install it, without the passengers in the 590 cabins feel disturbed during their holidays? The special challenge: bevor the rotor with a diameter of 1.5 meters and a length of 3.5 meters enters the machine room, it has to be transported through two decks.

The mobile teams of Gebr. Friedrich shipyard have the inspiring idea. With a specially designed transport rack, they maneuver the heavy weight component carefully to its desitnation. After the precise installation it is clear that the staff of Gebr. Friedrich shipyard can solve difficult tasks even under time pressure to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. Because they had just two days for the realisation of this contract; as long as the journey of AIDACara from Oslo to Hamburg lasts. 

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